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Curation of ‘GRIT’: Public showcase of artworks of appreciation At NTF, AH and NUH 2020

3 public exhibition showcases were curated and set up at the three respective hospitals. These showcased 100 art works that were selected from some 10 000 works contributed by the public. Felicia Low and Lee Pheng Guan curated the works and show. [...]


Community Mural for Catholic Junior College 2020

Four 3 metre long panels were constructed and painted as murals. All students from CJC were invited to draw and paint on small pieces of canvas expressing their wishes for the school, to celebrate its 45th year anniversary. The mural incorporated these canvases into its design to include contributions by the students. Felicia Low designed and painted the murals. [...]


Ceramics at NTUC Silverace Centre at Taman Jurong 2020

10 sessions on ceramics were carried out at Taman Jurong Silverace centre between December 2019 and January 2021.  The sessions had a total of 15 elderly participants who completed the making of 3 ceramic items using the coiling and slabbing techniques. Participants were also taught to use glazes for their pots. The sessions were conducted by Felicia Low, with assistance from Yeo Hui Qi [...]

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Arts Programmes at the Chen Su Lan Methodist Home 2020

Artist-In-Us Programme at the Chen Su Lan Home The Artist-In-Us programme was conducted for one group of children at the Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home.  8 2D art sessions were conducted between Jan to March 2019 for a group of 8 children. It was run by Tsang Weng Loke with Felicia Low as an assistant. Between October to December, a 6 week Career Guidance programme was conducted wi [...]


Research on outreach programmes at National Gallery Singapore 2019

The Nation Gallery Singapore engaged the CCD to conduct research studies on two of their community outreach programmes: Gallery Signs (for communities who are hearing impaired) and Dialect Tours (Cantonese and Hokkien). Dr. Felicia Low conducted 3 sessions of observations for each tour over August-Dec 2019. Completed research reports were submitted to the National Gallery at the end of February [...]

Art Jam for Staff Training with Catholic Junior College 2019

A staff training session was conducted with the staff of CJC on 28th June 2019. This art session aimed to:   To enable teachers to reflect on their current emotions and attitude to teaching To enable teachers to re-vision the significance of their daily work. To enable teachers to envision their roles with their students.   A total of 15 art works were created by the st [...]


Ceramics with clients from the Alzheimer's Disease Association 2019

6 sessions of ceramics were conducted with clients from Bendemeer ADA and Toa Payoh ADA respectively. A total of 8-10 clients, from early to moderate stages of dementia took part in each set of sessions. The clients completed a pot using the coiling method each and 2 pieces of shared 2D ceramic collage using the slabbing technique. [...]


Artist-In-Us Art and Drama Programme at Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home 2019

A year-long Artist-In-Us programme was conducted for two groups of children at the Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home. Two sets of sessions on 2D art and 3D ceramics were conducted for a total of 20 children. Art tuition was also provided for 2 teenagers who were undergoing their O Level art exams and entering Year 1 of Temasek Poly’s architecture course respectively. A 6 week drama p [...]

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Creative Art Programme at NTUC Silverace centre (Taman Jurong) 2019

10 sessions on print-making and watercolour painting were carried out at Taman Jurong Silverace centre on 9, 16, 23 & 30 May, 20, 27 June, 4, 11 July 2019. The sessions had a total of 20 elderly participants who completed mixed media works using watercolour effects as a background to their print-making designs. [...]

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