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Reflection on Drake Hall Prison Theatre Experience

Before Vicky’s and Laura’s prison visit, each of us did individual research on female prisoners in UK, theatre practice within such prisons and information about Drake Hall. On the Prison Reform Trust website, it was written that ‘women are perhaps more affected by the loss of personal freedoms and responsibility than many male prisoners.’ This could be partially contributed by the fact th [...]


A Personal Reflection on SOIL

Migrant Voices grew out of the awareness that some migrant workers enjoy channelling their personal emotions through artistic expression. The arts society was registered in April 2006, more than a year after a diverse group of volunteers, led by Ruby Pan and Alvin Tan of The Necessary Stage, collaborated to produce the Migrant Voices CD, a compilation of music, songs and poetry created and perform [...]

Acting Seniors

Theatre for Seniors

Theatre For Seniors was a 3-year programme for participants aged 50 and above launched in April 2008 by The Necessary Stage's Artistic Director Alvin Tan, and facilitated by Jean Ng, Julius Foo and Jalyn Han. This innovative initiative was designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge in drama and in various aspects of theatre, including acting, playwriting and dire [...]


Inner Journeys

Inner Journeys was a series of workshops conducted with the Drama Club of Kaki Bukit Prison School. The artists conducted 3 day workshops twice a year and each time tailored activities around themes relevant to the participants based on feedback from the participants or the officers in charge of the group. The 18 participants of the workshop went through a process of art and drama that reflecte [...]


2011: Sharing On Community Arts Practices

Presenters: Matthew Yoxall – (Drama for Training and Development) Matt is a drama and theatre practitioner. His background is in drama training and community outreach, particularly in museums when based in the UK. Since 2003 he has been working in the Mekong sub-region largely with international organisations, NGOs, and community based groups in developing drama and theatre based programmes fo [...]


2010: Sharing On Community Arts Projects In Singapore

Presenters: 1) Migrant Voices Migrant Voices is a community arts charity dedicated to celebrating the artistic talents of migrant workers in Singapore. Through the arts, we want to create a platform for migrant workers to share their lives and stories with the community. Established in 2006, the organization was formed after the Migrant Voices CD project which was part of the M1 Singapore Frin [...]