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1) Migrant Voices

Migrant Voices is a community arts charity dedicated to celebrating the artistic talents of migrant workers in Singapore. Through the arts, we want to create a platform for migrant workers to share their lives and stories with the community. Established in 2006, the organization was formed after the Migrant Voices CD project which was part of the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival. Till today, Migrant Voices still remains a volunteer-run organization, but with the help of its partners, it has produced forum theatre pieces, plays, music gigs, photography exhibitions, film screenings and many other programmes to engage migrant workers as well as the Singapore community. Our current activities are also growing and include Oral History, Film, Photography and Creative Writing/Storytelling Projects.

2) Arts For Health at the Singapore General Hospital and visual artist Tay Bee Aye.

Arts for Health aims to provide a caring and comfortable environment in the hospital that is conducive to healing through art. Started in SGH in 1998, Arts for Health offers many creative platforms (visual art, performance, workshops, music and art therapies) for patients, visitors and staff to enjoy and experience art that enhances their physical, social and emotional well-being.  Arts for Health offers the opportunities to recognise and stimulate the creative potentials of patients, staff, artists, arts groups and the community. Together, they can contribute to the healthcare environment and generate a greater sense of ownership whilst enriching the lives of patients. Programme co-ordinator, Tan Hwee Ping will share about her experiences working with administrators, funders, participants and artists. Arts for Health is supported by SingHealth Foundation and the National Arts Council.

Tay Bee Aye is a multidisciplinary visual artist. She studied Fine Art at the LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts. Tay has since participated in many arts activities. Her signature creations of soft sculptures and site-specific installation works using fabric-based materials have been exhibited in various locations in Singapore. Tay will be sharing about her experiences working at the SGH, as an artist collaborator of the Arts for Health programme.

3) Professional from the Association for Music Therapy, Singapore (AMTS)

Music Therapy is the use of music and musical activities by a qualified Music Therapist in a process designed to meet individualized physical, emotional, social and cognitive needs, within the context of a therapeutic relationship. Music Therapy is about making music (singing/playing instruments/moving to music) and not only listening to music. Live music is preferred, though recorded music may be used. Music Therapy serves individuals and groups of various impairments and conditions at all ages, from neonates to the elderly. You do not need any music background to benefit from Music Therapy! The only requirement is to have interest in music. However, Music Therapy is NOT a miracle cure-all.

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