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Community Cultural Development (CCD) is an arts practice that incorporates a range of practices and methodologies developed specifically for each project.  CCD projects emphasize collaborations between artists and members of the community. In Singapore, these communities are defined by their common locality, special interests and shared concerns. The collaborative approach enables participant communities to express themselves, becoming co-creators and managers of these projects.

The process and products of collaboration uses and produces a broad range of tools and forms from the cultural field. The term ‘cultural’ is not limited to the aesthetics forms of Drama, Dance, Music and the Visual Arts but encompasses aspects of local life itself such as language, heritage, social customs and popular culture.

CCD practices also incorporate community developmental processes that encourage community growth. The process of community development inherently cultivates aspects of personal awareness, reflection and resolve, which can develop into community awareness, resolve and action, resulting in community development and growth.

In Singapore, artists have sparked CCD projects with various communities based on a variety of intents that include:

  • Participant development and growth
  • Community cohesion (as opposed to isolation) and strengthened community identities
  • Collective awareness and consciousness of social issues and concerns
  • Empowerment of individuals and the community towards collective action
  • Networking: reaching out to other communities, creating inter-generational and inter-cultural exchanges and dialogues
  • Celebrating the talents and diversity of the community

Types of communities involved in CCD projects have included:

  • The general community at large
  • Children and teens in schools
  • Senior citizens
  • Persons with special needs
  • The incarcerated
  • Migrant workers
  • Arts communities such as the Singapore Chinese Language Theatre community, arts educators and young curators/artists

Through discussion with:

Alvin Tan, Artistic Director of The Necessary Stage

Audrey Wong, former Artistic Director for The Substation and Nominated Member of Parliament

Elvira Holmberg and Kenneth Kwok from the Singapore Drama Educators’ Association

Felicia Low, a Visual Artist

Kok Heng Leun, Artistic Director of Dramabox

Myra, Kate, Siew Ping and Xue Mei, who were part of the Dramabox Youth Group

Low Kok Wai, a Dance practitioner who was working with the Ystars

Sha Najak, a Visual Artist who was the founder of Migrant Voices

Suzanah Karim, a theatre practitioner who was working at NorthLight School


On April 24, 2010 at the Random Room in The Substation.

Reference: A2010001

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