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Public classes and training on the pedagogical framework conceptualized and written by Dr. Felicia Low: Person-centered Arts Practices with Communities.

  • 2 free public sessions introducing the person-centered framework was conducted at Goodman Arts Centre on 26th Jan and 2nd Mar 2019. The sessions were fully attended by a range of arts practitioners and art educators.
  • An Artist-Training programme comprising of 2 levels was also conducted in August 2019. Level 1 consisted of 6 sessions that covered the following content:

The Beginner’s Guide to Person-centered Arts Practices With Communities, for artists, teachers and community workers.

This short training program introduces the concepts and framework of the four dimensions that enable person-centered arts practices to take place with communities. Participants for this program are expected to commit to 5 lecture discussion sessions. They should also have some experiences working with a community group, with at least 1 lesson plan which can be used for deeper analysis. The program concludes with an individual discussion with the participants to facilitate a more personal understanding of how the dimensions can be used in proposal writing, report writing and in conducting self-evaluation.


31st August, 10-12pm: Lecture discussion on the Personal Dimension

7th Sept, 10-12pm: Lecture discussion on the Social Dimension

14th Sept, 10-12pm: Lecture discussion on the Cognitive Dimension

21st Sept, 10-12pm: Lecture discussion on the Cultural Dimension

28th Sept, 10-12pm: Small group workshop session on curriculum planning, proposal writing and approaches to evaluation

Week of 30th Sept: One-to-One tutorial discussion on lesson planning and personal teaching experiences and reflections.


A total of 5 arts educators attended Level 1.


Level 2 comprised of:

Practicum Program: Applying The Person-Centered Dimensions with Communities Through the Arts

This program is aimed at artist-facilitators who work professionally with communities. They should have one ready arts program with a community, which can be used for the purpose of practicum observations and analysis by Dr. Low. At the end of the program, the participants will be expected to develop a draft proposal for a future program based on the practicum report, which applies aspects of the 4 dimensions to enhance the quality of the program.


Program structure:

6 week program.

Week 1-4: Observations and documentation of weekly program with community conducted by the artist-facilitator, by Dr. Low.

Week 5: Completed observational logs and analysis of program by Dr. Low. Face-to face discussion with the artist-facilitator about the significance of the sessions observed.

Week 6: Discussion and submission of draft proposal for a new program, which applies the 4 dimensions by the artist-facilitator


The website on person-centered arts practices with communities continues to provide free public content. Please refer to www.person-centeredarts.com

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