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Person-centered Arts Practices with Communities: Artist Training 2019

Public classes and training on the pedagogical framework conceptualized and written by Dr. Felicia Low: Person-centered Arts Practices with Communities. 2 free public sessions introducing the person-centered framework was conducted at Goodman Arts Centre on 26th Jan and 2nd Mar 2019. The sessions were fully attended by a range of arts practitioners and art educators. An Artist-Training p [...]


The Talking Series: Research and Practice in Visual Art with Communities

Community Cultural Development (Singapore) and NTU-ADM Present: The Talking Series:  Research and Practice in Visual Art with Communities The following evenings are meant for all those interested to understand and discuss ideas with the speakers through their research work.  The presentations are meant to be a springboard to elaborating, extending and exploring the notions that are put for [...]

Arts Fission SGH

Ethics and Approaches with Vulnerable Communities: Dance and Dementia Challenge and Ethics of a Collaborative Arts-Medical Research

CCD (Singapore) and Unesco-NIE CARE present Ethics and Approaches with Vulnerable Communities: Dance and Dementia:  Challenge and Ethics of a Collaborative Arts-Medical Research 6th Feb 7pm @ CCD Studio, Goodman Arts Centre, Blk B, #05-02, S   Eldercare is an urgent issue in Singapore. Care for persons with dementia is primarily focused on clinical and medical support and intervention. [...]


Intellectual Property & The Vulnerable Artist - a Legal Clinic By Mr. Samuel Seow for artists who work with communities

Community Cultural Development (Singapore) Presents Intellectual Property & The Vulnerable Artist A Legal Clinic on Intellectual Property Rights for Artists working with Communities Arts projects with communities typically involve a range of stakeholders who have access to an artist’s ideas and written proposals. In a sector that has become more competitive with increased funding, the ide [...]

Youth at Risk

Lecture 2013: Ethics and Approaches with Vulnerable Communities and Youth-at-Risk

5 September 2013, Thursday 7.00pm CCD Studio #05-02 Goodman Arts Centre 90 Goodman Road Singapore 439053 “I don’t care what people call me. They need it. It helps them. I care about what I do and why I do it. They can call me what they like.” Have you been stamped? What’s in a label? Do we need them? What happens when principles and values don’t match? What is competence and [...]


Lecture Series 2013: Ethics and Approaches with Vulnerable Communities

Do you work with young persons with special needs? Are you interested in developing sound arts practices and programmes with young persons living in institutions? Join us for a lecture and interface with Mr Parandaman, interventionist forensic psychologist with Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home and Regina Aun, founding member of a parent activist group for young adults with Down Syndro [...]


Levels of engagement in community arts approaches by Drama Box and Sinema

How does a theatre company work with a local NGO? How does film become a means of communication for the hearing impaired? As an artist, what approaches can be used to negotiate the reality of the community’s experience as it translates into the creation of an art piece? This sharing session will be framed by a discussion surrounding aspects of community engagement when using artistic meth [...]


2011: Sharing On Community Arts Practices

Presenters: Matthew Yoxall – (Drama for Training and Development) Matt is a drama and theatre practitioner. His background is in drama training and community outreach, particularly in museums when based in the UK. Since 2003 he has been working in the Mekong sub-region largely with international organisations, NGOs, and community based groups in developing drama and theatre based programmes fo [...]


2010: Sharing On Community Arts Projects In Singapore

Presenters: 1) Migrant Voices Migrant Voices is a community arts charity dedicated to celebrating the artistic talents of migrant workers in Singapore. Through the arts, we want to create a platform for migrant workers to share their lives and stories with the community. Established in 2006, the organization was formed after the Migrant Voices CD project which was part of the M1 Singapore Frin [...]