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Community Cultural Development (Singapore) Presents
Intellectual Property & The Vulnerable Artist

A Legal Clinic on Intellectual Property Rights for Artists working with Communities

Arts projects with communities typically involve a range of stakeholders who have access to an artist’s ideas and written proposals. In a sector that has become more competitive with increased funding, the ideas and written materials put forward by artists and arts groups can be vulnerable to plagarism and theft.

To address this issue, CCD (Singapore) is grateful to have Mr. Samuel Seow from Samuel Seow Law Coporation to talk about IP rights for artists who work with communities. He will present these particular areas:

1) What constitutes intellectual property?
2) How can we protect our work through copyright?
3) What can we do if we suspect a breach of copyright?
The session will conclude with a Q and A.

About the speaker:
Samuel Seow is the Managing Director of Samuel Seow Law Corporation and is also Foreign Legal Advisor to Seow & Associates. Samuel’s expertise is in the field of intellectual property law and general commercial and corporate law, and he also has several years of experience in dealing with a wide range of property-related transactions, with a special focus on the application of these laws to the entertainment, arts and media industries. He is a much recognised name in these industries. In 2010, Samuel received the Spirit of Enterprise Award which is given out annually to a select few to recognise the entrepreneurial spirit in Singapore. (http://www.sslawcorp.com)

Date: 19th Nov 2013, 7pm-830pm
Venue: CCD Studio, Goodman Arts Centre, #05-02, Blk B
Register at : http://www.apesnap.com/event/IP4Artists

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