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5 September 2013, Thursday
CCD Studio
#05-02 Goodman Arts Centre
90 Goodman Road
Singapore 439053

“I don’t care what people call me. They need it. It helps them. I care about what I do and why I do it. They can call me what they like.”

Have you been stamped? What’s in a label? Do we need them?
What happens when principles and values don’t match? What is competence and ethical practice when this happens?

Spend an evening with persons working on the Ground, Din Salleh and Faith Denning.
Get a chance to hear them share their practice and talk to them.

I started as a volunteer when I was in school and decided to come back to do what I loved after retiring from my first career. I was a youth worker at a vwo, went thru 6 years of training and finally became an asst manager. Decided to put my mind to it going thru classes and ended up as a counselor aide at Northlight School. I believe my experience from young developed my ability to approach and help others especially young minds. Understanding what I went through in life set me on the mission to help others.
~ Din Salleh, Counselor Aide

I grew up in a single parent family. We lived frugally. I was a ‘friendless’ teenager and didn’t quite make it at first in school. I found drama and got myself a drama degree. Been teaching theatre for 14 years and now I am the first in-curriculum drama teacher at northlight school. 6 years on, I am still at it using whatever I can to reach, touch and rebuild with our young charges while I juggle the amazing jungle of wife and motherhood.
~ Faith Denning, In-curriculum Drama Teacher

Programme for the evening:
7 to 8 Lectures
8 to 8.30 Discussion

Video documentation of session at http://www.unesco-care.nie.edu.sg/events/ethics-and-approaches-vulnerable-communities-and-youth-risk-din-salleh-faith-denning


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