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Under NAC’s Arts Community Tours, ARTS FISSION staged DANCES FROM THE MOON for the neighborhood gathering during the Mid-Autumn Festival with dances inspired by Chinese folk legend Chang Er. The lady in the moon has turned urban insomnia with 6 different personas. Actress Jo Quek played one of the Chang Ers and perched on the trailer top to narrate the dramatic scenario.

The performance shunned the usual community center hall stage and opted for an open top 40-foot trailer as a mobile stage. The idea is to give a direct performance experience in close proximity to the grassroots audience.
Through relentless street energy of contemporary dance, new soundscape and cryptic storytelling, Dances from the Moon featured dance works by ARTS FISSION’s Artistic Director Angela Liong, music by composer Philip Tan, and script by theatre director/ playwright Lim Jen Erh.

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