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Research on outreach programmes at National Gallery Singapore 2019

The Nation Gallery Singapore engaged the CCD to conduct research studies on two of their community outreach programmes: Gallery Signs (for communities who are hearing impaired) and Dialect Tours (Cantonese and Hokkien). Dr. Felicia Low conducted 3 sessions of observations for each tour over August-Dec 2019. Completed research reports were submitted to the National Gallery at the end of February [...]

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Person-centered Arts Practices with Communities: Artist Training 2019

Public classes and training on the pedagogical framework conceptualized and written by Dr. Felicia Low: Person-centered Arts Practices with Communities. 2 free public sessions introducing the person-centered framework was conducted at Goodman Arts Centre on 26th Jan and 2nd Mar 2019. The sessions were fully attended by a range of arts practitioners and art educators. An Artist-Training p [...]

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Person-centered Arts Practices With Communities: A Pedagogical Framework

This book presents a pedagogical framework which aims to guide the practice of artists who work with communities. The framework is made up of four dimensions that combine knowledge from psychology, philosophy, arts education and anthropology. These four dimensions comprise the social dimension, the personal dimension, the cognitive dimension and the cultural dimension. They are in no way isolated [...]

Art of Anti Exclusion

Th Art Of Anti-Exclusion: A collection of writings by Asian artists working with communities

The Art of Anti-Exclusion: A collection of writings by Asian artists working with communities, brings together the writings of 8 artists and one researcher who document various arts forms carried out with communities in Asia. Written in collaboration with June Goh, Syed Ibrahim, Alecia Neo, Akemi Minamida, Makoto Nomura, Ming Poon, Ashwini Raghupathy, Vincent Rumahloine, Bellini Yu, these projects [...]


Creative Dance with Persons with Dementia

The CCD embarked on a 8 week research with dance movement therapist, Elizabeth Rutten-Ng, and the Community Psychogeriatric Programme team (Changi General Hospital) at three Alzheimer's Disease Association (ADA) Centres over Sept to Nov 2016. A total of 30 participants took part in this research effort which aimed to locate the impact of person-centred creative dance on persons with mild to modera [...]


The Impact of Creative Movement with Persons with Dementia

As Singapore faces an increase in its ageing population, dementia can no longer be treated as an individual’s neurological ailment. Instead, the sociological structures that pose challenges in caring for persons with dementia need to be addressed. Person-centered care and positive person work are theoretical approaches to change institutional structures towards the recognition of personhood in p [...]


Qualitative Inquiry On The Needs Of Seniors And The Role Of Participatory Arts

Qualitative Inquiry On The Needs Of Seniors And The Role Of Participatory Arts A report for the National Arts Council based on interviews with participants of the Silver Arts Festival 2014 By Community Cultural Development (Singapore) Felicia Low and Suzanah Karim   Executive Summary This report aims to present an understanding of the needs of seniors in Singapore based on the responses of [...]


Research Consultancy with STAR

The Arts Pedagogical Research Fund managed by the Singapore Academy for the aRts aims to encourage teachers to take on research writing as a means of understanding, documenting and presenting their teaching and learning approaches in art. Research consultancy with Felicia Low took place with the following schools Research consultant with Singapore Teachers Academy for the aRts for their ‘Art [...]


'A' is for Art Programme with the ACM

‘A’ is for Art Programme is a collaborative programme by the Asian Civilisations Museum and the Singapore Teacher’s Academy for the aRts which promotes pedagogies in museum-based learning and collaborative learning. A total of 27 Primary and Secondary schools took part in this programme. This project aimed to capture the implementation process of the programme, document the impact of this pr [...]

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