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12th Sept 2014, Friday, 6pm-930pm

Venue: The Aliwal Arts Centre

Fee: $38

Student Fee: $15

Presented by CCD(Singapore) & The Substation


Participation in the arts in Singapore is impressive.  Participation refers to audience attendance and/or involvement in the art making process.  And this appears to be synonymous with engagement.  The impressive numbers demonstrate a proliferation of art in the community.   There is not a week that goes by without a performance, exhibition, workshop or art conference.  They are necessary and significant to behold.


How do we render bold strokes in form and meaning to demonstrate beliefs, and ideas in the practice of social and political dilemmas in the community?  The pendulum is swinging in favour of mass production and participation.


How does an artist uphold beliefs and ideas in the business of the arts & community in Singapore?


Visit www.ccdforum2014.com to find out more!

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