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Workshop: Managing Sexual Misconduct in Young People with Special Needs

For arts facilitators and teachers of students with special needs Have you encountered a situation of sexual misconduct that left you unsure of what to do in the classroom? Have you encountered sexually explicit or aggressive art articulations from young children with special needs? What, as artists, can we do? Children of all ages, with or without special needs, engage normally in se [...]


The Y-Stars

The Y-Stars are a group of teenagers and young adults with Down’s Syndrome and other intellectual challenges, who share a common passion for visual and performing arts. Organized by their dedicated parents, this group of 20 meet every Saturday at the CCD Studio in Goodman Arts Centre to ‘chill’ out with their friends, dance aka exercise and release the ‘Picasso’ in them. Through p [...]

CSL & Tay Bee Aye

Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home

CCD (Singapore) has worked with the Chen Su Lan Methodist Home since 2010 to develop arts programmes for children and youth. CCD (Singapore) supports these programmes by locating and guiding suitable artists to pedagogically plan and conduct meaningful sessions for the participants. The Artist-In-Us Programme is a yearly 5 month visual art programme for children and youth with special needs or le [...]

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