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Artist-In-Us Programme at the Chen Su Lan Home

The Artist-In-Us programme was conducted for one group of children at the Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home.  8 2D art sessions were conducted between Jan to March 2019 for a group of 8 children. It was run by Tsang Weng Loke with Felicia Low as an assistant.

Between October to December, a 6 week Career Guidance programme was conducted with 7 teenage girls to explore their study and work options after Secondary school education. Two sets of 6 week Media programme was conducted with a group of 7 teenage girls and 6 teenage boys respectively. This programme worked on script writing and presentation skills. The programme with the girls resulted in the completion of 1 short videos on how they felt during the Covid restrictions and what they hoped for 2020. The boys scripted and created a video on advice for the younger boys at the Home. These sessions were run by Felicia Low, assisted by Lee Pheng Guan.

A 6 week drama programme was also conducted by Rodney Oliverio between October and November. The programme aimed to support the children with their language skills and nurture better confidence in themselves.

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