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References for perspectives on community, community arts and participatory arts

References that bring theoretical and political perspectives on community from geography alongside studies which examine the efficacies and practices of community arts and participatory arts with regard to collective action, social capital and social cohesion. Antonsich, M. (2011). Grounding Theories of Place and Globalisation. Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie, 102(3), 3 [...]

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The Arts as a Social Cause

Click here to download the original PDF version There is little doubt that we are living in “The Golden Age of Singaporean Cultural Production.”1 Statistics from the National Arts Council’s annual report 2011 reflect an exponential increase in arts activity from 15,911 in 2003 to a whopping 33,884 in 2010. These figures, representing over a hundred percent increase over just seve [...]


The Basics of CCD Practice

Community Cultural Development, defined by Adams and Goldbard (2005) in their book ‘Creative Community – The Art of Cultural Development’ distances itself from state appropriation of the community arts. The ‘community arts’ is defined by these authors as ‘conventional arts activity based in a municipality (2005:4). The term ‘Community Cultural Development’ attempts to deviate from [...]


Reflection on Drake Hall Prison Theatre Experience

Before Vicky’s and Laura’s prison visit, each of us did individual research on female prisoners in UK, theatre practice within such prisons and information about Drake Hall. On the Prison Reform Trust website, it was written that ‘women are perhaps more affected by the loss of personal freedoms and responsibility than many male prisoners.’ This could be partially contributed by the fact th [...]


A Personal Reflection on SOIL

Migrant Voices grew out of the awareness that some migrant workers enjoy channelling their personal emotions through artistic expression. The arts society was registered in April 2006, more than a year after a diverse group of volunteers, led by Ruby Pan and Alvin Tan of The Necessary Stage, collaborated to produce the Migrant Voices CD, a compilation of music, songs and poetry created and perform [...]


The Role of Community Arts Networks in Supporting Community Cultural Development in Australia

Community Cultural Development Symposium 2012 Keynote Speech September 18 2013   Introduction First I pay my respects to the traditional custodians of this land we meet on today. Next I pay my respects to the waves of travellers who have come to this small island and who have stayed. My final respects to all my peers within this room today with special note of thanks to Felicia wh [...]


Community Cultural Development in Singapore: Our Backstory and a Perspective

Community Cultural Development Symposium 2012 Keynote Speech September 17, 2013 Good morning everyone! Welcome to the symposium! Thank you for being here. Before I begin I would like to thank Mr. Senior Minister Mr Lawrence Wong for accepting the invite to be here. Thank you Mr Hee and Mr Tan, for making this possible, You know, 2 years ago, all this didn't exist. No one really knew what [...]


Summary of the Framework on Levels of Engagement

Level 1: Audience/community as participants This level begins from the artist's conception of a project. The concept of the work originates entirely from the artist and has no bearing towards any community. The means of production however includes the contributions of members of the public who may have to interpret the artist's concept and add to the artist's work. From the artist's viewpoint, [...]

Community Cultural Development (Singapore)

Community Cultural Development (CCD) is an arts practice that incorporates a range of practices and methodologies developed specifically for each project.  CCD projects emphasize collaborations between artists and members of the community. In Singapore, these communities are defined by their common locality, special interests and shared concerns. The collaborative approach enables participant com [...]