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Migration Film Festival

Migrant Films and the Migration Film Festival was an attempt by Migrant Voices to screen films about migrants and migration form all over the world. The goal was to provide a platform for filmmakers who have done work on the topic to showcase their work on a common platform with other similar films. The majority of the films screened were made in Singapore, with a few foreign ones slotted in betwe [...]


The Peony Season

The project title THE PEONY SEASON refers to the ability of art that can uplift and stimulate the human spirit. The project introduced mature/elderly participants to creative movement and art-making. The integrated art module with specific project theme and activities helped the elderly learn and discover art-making through direct personal interaction. They benefitted from exercising their [...]


Project DanceEdge

Project DanceEdge (PDE) is a social intervention dance training programme initiated by Arts Fission with a two-year grant from MCYS. It was launched in April 2007 in partnerships with *SCAPE and participating VWOs like Boys Town, Beyond Social Services, and Singapore Children Society. The mission of PDE is to enable disadvantaged youths to learn about themselves through dance. For these you [...]


Dances from the Moon

Under NAC’s Arts Community Tours, ARTS FISSION staged DANCES FROM THE MOON for the neighborhood gathering during the Mid-Autumn Festival with dances inspired by Chinese folk legend Chang Er. The lady in the moon has turned urban insomnia with 6 different personas. Actress Jo Quek played one of the Chang Ers and perched on the trailer top to narrate the dramatic scenario. The performance sh [...]

Acting Seniors

Theatre for Seniors

Theatre For Seniors was a 3-year programme for participants aged 50 and above launched in April 2008 by The Necessary Stage's Artistic Director Alvin Tan, and facilitated by Jean Ng, Julius Foo and Jalyn Han. This innovative initiative was designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge in drama and in various aspects of theatre, including acting, playwriting and dire [...]


Inner Journeys

Inner Journeys was a series of workshops conducted with the Drama Club of Kaki Bukit Prison School. The artists conducted 3 day workshops twice a year and each time tailored activities around themes relevant to the participants based on feedback from the participants or the officers in charge of the group. The 18 participants of the workshop went through a process of art and drama that reflecte [...]

InclusivelyYours 1

Inclusively Yours

Inclusively Yours was a collaborative visual art project that attempted to engage special needs adults and the merchandising staff of Ion Orchard in a journey of exploration and learning. Participants from Y-STARS (Y Special Teens, Arts & Recreation Society) were taken through an educational journey at the shopping centre, with a focus on themes such as fashion, food and art. Sales persons fro [...]


The Whole Woman: Portrait of Blossoms

The Whole Woman presented the self portraits of 14 breast cancer survivors, revealing more than mere features and physical attributes. Through the vibrant colours and textures, the artworks created during the workshop were intimate portrayals of themselves after mastectomy. The strong presence of their triumph over adversities go beyond the confinements of the canvas. This exhibition of self por [...]


Grass Day Out

Lembu Road is a unique spot in Little India where many migrant workers from Bangladesh hang out. The open space is tucked away off Syed Alwi Road and easily undertaken by the commonly crowded shopping mall, Mustafa Centre. Many Bangladeshi workers, who come here to remind them of home, trigger nostalgic moments or catch up with fellow friends from the same village. The cultural food and retail out [...]

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