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Community Cultural Dimensions (CCD) is based on the concept of Community Cultural Development:

Community cultural development refers to the work of community artists who use a range of arts practices and methodologies to address the needs and concerns of particular communities, usually those who have been socially excluded from mainstream society due to economic, physical, political, psychological and social factors.

The process emphasizes collaborations between artists and members of the community, where the latter often become co-creators and managers of projects and programmes. Community cultural development practices also incorporate community developmental processes that encourage community growth.

Defined through discussion with: Elvira Holmberg and Kenneth Kwok (SDEA), Low Kok Wai (Dance, Down’s syndrome Ystars), Suzanah Karim (NorthLight Sch, Drama), Alvin Tan (TNS), Audrey Wong (Substation, NMP), Amanda Heng (Visual Artist), Koh Heng Leun (Dramabox), Myra, Weiting, Kate, Siew Ping, Xuemei, (Dramabox Youth Group), Sha Najak (Visual Artist, Migrant Voices) and Felicia Low (Visual Artist). 24 April 2010

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