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The 1st Community Cultural Development Symposium to be held in Singapore brings together a range of experienced local and foreign artists who have worked in various NGO settings at home and in the Asia Pacific region. Its objective is to promote best practices in community arts. Its focus is to highlight the social cause.

Mr. Lawrence Wong
Senior Minister of State for Education & Information, Communications and the Arts

Felicia Low
CCD Symposium Director

Universo Asia
Universo Asia travels the globe, in the spirit of festival and carnival. We believe in artistic freedom: to create and re-create, invent and reinvent and bring art, history and culture to those who might not have the opportunity to experience art. Be it through music, dance, opera, in fire, wind or water, we want to be part of the process of creating works of art that is richly rooted in history and culture and represent the dream of our human spirit transforming places and people through our work.

Singapore Polytechnic
School of Communication, Arts and Social Sciences
Singapore Polytechnic, the nation’s first educational institution of its kind, was set up in 1954 to train technologists and professionals to support the industrialisation and economic development of Singapore. Since then, its development has paralleled the progress of modern Singapore.
The School of Communication, Arts and Social Sciences (CASS), like the rest of Singapore Polytechnic (SP), has embarked on an exciting re-imagining of education. As experts in media and communication, creative writing, applied drama and psychology, we know our industry and we’re here to help young people find their voice; translate ideas into a communication campaign, a piece of theatre, documentary, film or web-based project; and be part of re-envisioning ourselves and the world we live in.

Symposium Aim
The symposium aims to initiate and facilitate dialogue and discourse in the following:

• the term Community Cultural Development, and practices and methodologies within different art forms and communities

• widening and deepening knowledge of arts projects in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region

• evaluative processes, and how arts projects build towards community cultural development

• possibilities for partnerships with stakeholders

Key Themes
Community in the Arts and Arts in the Community
Through lectures and workshops, presenters and participants explore the body of work; its relevance and significance in and with communities.

Strategies for the Development of Community Cultural Development Practices
What are the different roles of the community artist? An artist using different methodologies with different communities; a manager balancing resources; a partnership with agencies addressing specific needs.

Keynote Speakers

Felicia Low
Artist / Doctoral candidate in Cultural Studies (National University of Singapore)
Community Cultural Development in Singapore: our Backstory and a Perspective

Click here for the transcript

Lisa Philip-Harbutt
Director, Community Arts Network, South Australia
The Role of Community Arts Networks in Supporting Community Cultural Development in Australia – Sometimes Unfashionable but Always Useful

Click here for the transcript

Symposium Presenters include:

Peggy Ferroa (Singapore)
Koh Hui Ling (Dramabox, Singapore)
Thila Min (Thukhuma Khayeethe Theater, Myanmar)
Alvin Tan (The Necessary Stage, Singapore)
Matthew Yoxall (Thailand)
Applied Drama & Psychology Programme (Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore)

Angela Leong (The Arts Fission Company, Singapore)
Low Kok Wai (Brunei)
Som Said (Sri Warisan Som Said Performing Arts, Singapore)
Khoun Chanreaksmey (Phare Ponleu Selpak, Cambodia)

Caitlin McKimm (Thailand)
Pamela Onishi (NIE-CARE, Singapore)
Sai Nyi Nyi Soe (Gitameit Music Center, Myanmar)

Visual Art & Photography
Estelle Cohenny (Studio Xang, Thailand)
Helen Crawford (Australia)
Tai Shuxia & Jessie Koh (Kokoro, Singapore)
Michael Tan (NTU, Singapore)
Jennifer Koh (Photovoice, Singapore)

Community Cultural Development & Multidisciplinary
Lisa Philip-Harbutt (CAN SA, Australia)
Reaksmey Yean (Trotchaek Pneik Collective, Cambodia)
Yi Jian (IFChina Original Studio, China)
Shaun Teo (Migrant Voices, Singapore

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